Monday, 12 September 2016

Week in Telly 2

Good Morning Britain
GMTV became a staple in our house probably because my parents got fed up of the inane chatter of kids’ TV in the background and/or my brother and I arguing over it. I used to like GMTV when I was at school because for a time I cared about the news and the GMTV news came on at the time I came down for breakfast. I had a few years without morning telly and it has morphed into something I really don’t enjoy. I sometimes catch the very end of GMB and I just don’t care about anything they discuss. However on Monday they had Renée Zellwegger on and I am a Bridget Jones film fan so watched the interview. I’m as apprehensive about the new film as I was before. Some things should just be left alone. I’ll find the film difficult enough because I still can’t get over Zellwegger’s facial change. She has apparently claimed it is down to leading a different lifestyle but that seems a bit of a push when she looks like a completely different person.

BBC News at Six
I never watch the news because I have the internet. I stuck it on for fifteen minutes before I went out. I chose a good day to tune in as the journalist went round Stoke interviewing various people about their thoughts on Brexit. It finished on an older, rather well-spoken woman who wasn’t happy about it, commenting that “even my Burmese cleaner” had voted out.

Tuesday - Thursday
Coronation Street Omnibus
I was losing interest a bit in these episodes but things picked up. Eileen has been persuaded to put Jason’s cash into her dodgy boyfriend’s mate’s fake housing project. I have no interest in this storyline as it seems the results are too predictable at the moment. Maria got robbed and it turns out it’s an old friend who orchestrated it in order to be able to sleep on her sofa again. Leanne told Nick that Steve is the baby’s father and it didn’t go down well at all. Craig turns 18 and Liz kicks him out the pub after his first legal pint because she’s been in a mardy mood all week over Steve and Leanne’s baby. At home Craig opens his letter from the police to say he’s been turned down because he failed to declare family convictions. He argues with his mom whose name I forget and it was great to see him have something a bit meatier to do. Craig has a permanent smile on his face and it often seems like there’s happy-go-lucky juice flowing through his veins, so it was nice to see him angry for a change. His mother fesses up that his dad, who Craig has never met, is in prison.

I had had a bad couple of days and got in from work utterly miserable on Tuesday evening. I desperately needed cheering up. I’d recently picked up Deadpool on BluRay and had been listening to the soundtrack so was drawn to it. Wade Wilson finds out he is riddled with cancer and volunteers to undergo a technique that can save him but will also turn him into a mutant with superhero-like abilities. It leaves him scarred so he sets out to track down the man who did it to him and force him to fix it.
  A few words on the soundtrack because I love it. We have Juice Newton - Angel of the Morning, which has grown on me enormously and I have felt compelled to belt it out in the shower. Salt-N-Pepa – Shoop, not my usual sort of thing but since I saw the film at the pictures I’ve found this really catchy. Neil Sedaka - Calendar Girl is probably my favourite song on the soundtrack. The Deadpool Rap is just great fun. DMX - X Gon Give It to Ya for our ‘we’re getting pumped up’ moment. Finally Wham! - Careless Whisper, one that the central character loves and informs us is the song that earned the band the exclamation mark. In isolation from the film the songs clash hugely but they are all great in their different ways and really add to my enjoyment of the film. I enjoyed it just as much as back in January at the pictures. I see most the Marvel films that come out and it was good to have one a bit different. It’s rated 15, meaning it can have more swearing and blood than the usual 12 releases. I also like the in-jokes and fourth wall breaking. One of my favourites was probably when the Hugh Jackman cut-out is revealed, stapled to Wade’s face.

The World at War – A New Germany
After Deadpool what else could cheer you up more than a documentary series on World War Two? Well it works wonders for me actually. I first watched The World at War whilst doing my A Levels and considered it to count as revision towards my History exam, though we’ll conveniently skip discussion of my eventual grade. The World at War is a fantastic series and it’s been a while since I’ve watched it so I thoroughly enjoyed opening up my BluRay box set. This first episode examines the build up to the war by looking at what was going on in Germany. The country was left an economic mess after the First World War and many people became very bitter about the terms forced upon them afterwards. Hitler was the knight in shining Nazi armour. We hear from some people who supported the Nazis at the time and from Jews who suffered under the new regime. Hearing about the experiences from both sides has always been one of the things I’ve liked about the series. The programmes wouldn’t be the same without Laurence Olivier’s voice over and I enjoyed it just as much as I always had. I thought this first episode looked superb on BluRay and I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest fare. One extra point of enjoyment for me was having been taking German evening classes for a year, I was able to read signs and shopfronts in the background.

The Great British Bake Off
Bread week. I really didn’t feel as enthusiastic about bread as I did about biscuits. Bread needs stuff with it. Unless you’re a duck, you don’t usually eat bread on its own.

Aviva Premiership Highlights
I’ve followed England’s national rugby union team since I started watching games on telly alongside my dad as a young ‘un. I go to a game at Twickenham most years and was (un)lucky enough to go to some World Cup games last year. I haven’t ever really followed club rugby though. There aren’t any teams I know of near me and games are broadcast on BT Sport, which I don’t have. My dad follows a bit and supports Leicester Tigers so therefore I do. I did go with my university rugby team to see them play Gloucester a few years ago. Last season I tried to follow games via an app on my phone but sort of fell off it. Last Friday night was the first game of the season and when I saw that Leicester had come back from 7-31 to beat Gloucester 38-31, I was keen to see some of the game. Some of the commentary was a touch bland but it wasn’t so bad. Thankfully I spotted the Premiership Highlights in the ITV schedule. Hopefully I can stick with these highlights and become a proper fan as I enjoyed the other games shown too.

6 television programmes
1 film

Best: The World at War

Worst: Coronation Street Omnibus, only because the calibre of other programmes was so high.

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