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Week in Telly 5

Coronation Street Omnibus
My highlight from this was the ongoing romance of Freddy and Audrey. Seeing Audrey Roberts being whisked away in a motorbike's sidecar with a huge smile on her face was wonderful. Also, she had a purple head scarf wrapped over the top of the helmet.

Psycho (part)
I watched only about twenty minutes of this as I was flicking through channels. I only watched so much because I had tuned in at the perfect time - just before the famous shower scene. It gripped me and I was reminded of just what a superb piece of cinema it is. The first and only time I have watched Psycho was in a 6th form Media Studies class. The film is so famous that I think most, if not all of us, knew what was coming. Nonetheless we all sat transfixed and there were audible gasps at THAT moment.

An Extra Slice
I'm a couple of weeks behind so this is the episode with Kate. Normally foods made out of other foods utterly repulse me but I liked the look of the fish and chips made from flapjacks and shortbread.

John Bishop in Conversation with... Alex Brooker
I was intrigued by this serious sounding chat show. I used to be very keen on John Bishop's stand-up although if I'm honest it's been a few years since I've watched any. I have seen Alex Brooker more recently on The Last Leg so quite fancied hearing a bit more about him. John Bishop proved himself a reasonable enough interviewer, timing it right of when a joke was appropriate and when to just delve deeper. They talked about Brooker's attitude to his disability and I was interested to hear his background was as a sports journalist. As with an chat show, I'm primarily drawn by the guests but a bad or irritating host can be a literal turn-off. I'd certainly give this one a second go.

The Avengers
A classic adventure series that I have seen very little of. This one proudly announced 'in colour' on the title card. It was to be the first episode I'd ever seen with Tara King, who I can't say I found particularly marvellous or particularly bad at all. She did provide some impressive arse-kicking but the episode followed John Steed much more. I've found The Avengers difficult to get my head round at times because I keep forgetting how fantastical it's allowed to be. This episode featured Russian agents escaping from a high-security monastery (complete with guards in monk attire) after becoming invisible using a special vodka, then setting out to murder their targets. As the leader of the trio Peter Bowles was the one with the most lines and he changed his mind between scenes about just how strong he wished his Russian accent to be. In fact if it wasn't for the programme description it would have been a long time into the episode before I realised they were supposed to be Russians.

Bridget Jones's Diary
Feeling down and in need of a lift I turned to an old favourite. I once included this in an essay question on which three British films the Prime Minister should give to the President of the U.S. (if you were interested the other two were Goldfinger and A Clockwork Orange). I'm not a big romcom fan and usually prefer my films with fights, car chases and shooting, only one of which features in Bridget Jones. The more I watch it there are other things I find to love. There's Bridget's friend Jude being Head of Investment at a bank yet spends most her time in the ladies' loos "crying over fuckwit boyfriend", Bridget's mom returning after her affair with sunbedded Julian from the home shopping channel "close up he was almost purple", "Mr Fitzpervert", "I fucking love Keats!", "I have to leave my current job because I've shagged my boss." "Start on Monday." I do like some of the soppy stuff too such as the way Mark looks sadly back up the stairs, knowing he has to go, having just told Bridget, "I like you very much, just the way you are."

This Morning (part)
During university holidays I watched a lot of This Morning. I used its 10:30am start as a sort of alarm. Wake up, stick Philip Schofield on and I probably wouldn't drop back off to sleep. I watched under ten minutes of a feature about an older couple falling in love and getting married for the second time in their seventies. Warmed the cockles of even my pessimistic heart.

Bridget Jones's Baby
Despite this being 'Week in Telly' and I actually saw Bridget Jones's Baby at the pictures, so it is neither a telly programme nor something I watched on a telly, I have decided to deem cinema viewings worthy of mention. That is because this is my blog so I can do what I want.
I entered this rather empty screening with my mom and my auntie to find I was the youngest person by at least thirty years. We were cutting it tight for time, even more so after they had discovered that the cinema was licenced ("Ooh I'll have a large white wine spritzer!"). Sequels always make me feel a touch anxious as after all you are only watching it if you really liked the first one. Thankfully this wasn't a let down. In fact, anything but. Bridget is older and wiser but is still Bridget. There were plenty of good laughs and I particularly enjoyed all the scenes in the news studio.

The Great British Bake Off
Botanical! They have really tried to change things up this series - first batter, now flowers and herbs. I am a big fan of lemon meringue pie so the citrus pie challenge was heaven for me. Lots of meringue problems though - most of them looked dreadful. Jane's however looked fantastic and had enormous
peaks. I'm starting to think she could win it. Rav's departure was unsurprising as I think he's struggled for a few weeks now. Tom had a lucky week I think as in the past couple he hasn't done that well. He could be next to go I think.

An Extra Slice
Last week's episode featuring Val. She's lovely. I want her to be my nan. Meanwhile the viewers' bake photos are putting me off attempting any baking myself as I see just how disastrous it could all be.

The World at War - The Phoney War
The second episode of the legendary documentary series looks at the start of the war when very little happened. Basically, the kids were all evacuated resulting in a culture shock for both the evacuees and sometimes for those who took them in. The Graf Spee ship caused problems until it was finally hounded down by the British navy. Again the BluRay is blowing me away. Some of the interview footage looked pretty bad before and I'm really impressed with how good it's managed to be.

Aviva Premiership Highlights
More rugby.

Red Dwarf - Twentica
I am not a fan of UKTV Play, the demand service for Dave. After it completely failed to work for me last week I decided to give it another go. The adverts before the programme are supposed to last about a minute but it froze so much it took several and I didn't go through this just once - oh no. As the programme itself froze a number of times I had to refresh the page, meaning I had to sit through the adverts again. I'll be making sure I record the rest of the episodes from now on to save myself from it. As with season 10 I go into it a smidge apprehensive. I enjoyed the episode itself, though felt the initial cockpit scenes went on too long. It certainly wasn't a mind-blowingly brilliant episode but it was memorable enough and a decent enough season opener.

Red Dwarf - Samsara
I had had the sense to record episode 2 thankfully. I really liked this episode. I thought having the flashbacks was great and made the episode feel very different. The Karma Sphere (is that what it was called?) was a nice idea and I rather enjoyed the scenes between Lister and the Cat when they were trapped together.

This was the first episode of Minder I'd ever seen and I can't say I was particularly impressed. I guess this was because I had the wrong impression of the show - I had expected there to be a bit more action. Arthur Daley decides to get into advertising on blimps, not knowing that another guy already holds domination in the market. He gets kidnapped and his nephew/minder Gary rushes to come to the rescue. It wasn't particularly fun or interesting really.

Inspector Morse
Doctor found murdered in his garage. I got a bit bored of this and stopped paying much attention. Hence also why it took so long to watch.

An Extra Slice

Inspector Morse
A murderer and rapist escapes from prison and keeps managing to stay one step ahead of the police. As this episode didn't start with a murder it made for a rather different sort of Morse. It was hard to decide whether the escapee was truly mad or just extremely good at deceiving people. He had a lot of disguises although when he decided to don a blonde wig and frock his chest hair let him down a bit. Everything wasn't tied up until the very end so it remained intriguing throughout.

I'm quite fond of Bullseye. I think "I'll watch five minutes..." and then suddenly we've reached "Let's have a look at what you could've won!" The contestants that Bullseye attracted are often marvellous. Whilst some are relatively recognisable, with hairstyles and clothes that match those of the photos in our loft, others are far more interesting. This episode featured two guys together, a fairly young, six foot odd and twenty stone plus miner, and his tiny, older, skinny mate. Both were adorned with a familiar style of tattoos, one that permeates a fair few Bullseye contestants, including swallows on both the hands of our miner friend. He was a good darts player but lucked out on the prize board so they decided to gamble for Bully's Special Prize. They won it and the look on the miner's face was joyous. He was so thrilled and Jim wheeled them round  - was it a speedboat? A caravan? A jet ski? A car? Oh no - a £2000 designer clothes shopping spree! I killed myself laughing.

16 television programmes
2 films - a record!

Best: Red Dwarf - Samsara I thought the third episode had already gone out but turns out I had just recorded another broadcast of Samsara. I was so disappointed. Like smeg am I going near the abomination that is UKTV Play ever again though so I will do the old-fashioned thing and just wait for the actual broadcast on Dave.

Worst: An Extra Slice These are blurring together and I am getting fed up of them.

Looking back at this week I do seem to have a lot more variety of programming than I would have expected. Sitcom, drama, soap, film, gameshow, documentary and reality TV are all there in seven days!

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